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See all properties for sale

HPM Guide to Selling

It has been said that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do! So to make your move as stress-free and simplified as possible, we have prepared this simple to follow guide for sellers. Don't forget, if at any time you need some extra help, we are simply a phone call away!

Having made the decision to move, and made contact with your mortgage advisor it is time to get your home valued, so you know precisely where you stand financially and know the mortgage you will need to arrange to purchase your property. It is advisable to get several valuations in order to get an average figure, remember some agents may over-value your property in order to win your business. At the end of the day your property is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it. Getting more than one valuation will ensure you have a clear idea of the current market value and then simply chose the agent you feel the most comfortable dealing with.

At HPM Estate & Letting Agents we are more than happy to provide you with ideas on the marketing of your property and provide you with a free valuation.

Once you know all your options get your property on the market and find your buyer! Remember not to fall into the finding first trap! If you fall in love with somewhere new but do not have a purchaser, you will have to bid high to secure the new one and will then be under pressure to sell your existing property quickly which never realises the best price.

Once an offer with a buyer has been accepted and you have found a property on which your offer has been accepted, a process called chain building starts. For any sale and purchase to proceed a complete chain is required before the conveyancing can begin. This is dealt with by your conveyancer/solicitor but we will endeavour to keep you in touch with progress.

Allow at least 3 months between putting your home on the market and moving into a new home. In order to be in a stronger negotiating position your property should be on the market and generating interest BEFORE you start looking! Failure to do this means you will be negotiating from a weaker position on both your sale and purchase. If you fall in love with somewhere but do not yet have a purchaser you will have to bid high to secure the new one and then will be under pressure to drop your price to gain a quick sale.

Once you are on the market, other agents may contact you in order to try and gain your business. In such circumstances please contact us as we need to protect you from the potential risk of paying two Estate Agency fees.

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Preparing your property for sale & viewings

It is a fact that many buyers actually make a subconscious decision about a property within minutes of their arrival. That being the case, try to make sure that the entrance to the property, ie, driveway/path, front door and hall are neat & welcoming. Buyers will be put off by homes that appear uncared for and grubby. If you have noisy or demanding children or animals, try farming them out if you can.

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Some helpful tips that may help to sway a decision in your favour


  • Get those basic repairs you meant to do, done
  • Freshen rooms if you have pets or smoke
  • Ensure no-one is still in bed
  • Reduce music volumes or turn off completely
  • Tidy garden and remove rubbish
  • Ensure kitchen & bathrooms sparkle and put toilet seat down
  • If a neighbour’s garden is a mess and is in vision, perhaps offer to tidy the offending area
  • Keep all valuables hidden


  • Cook strong smelling foods whilst viewings taking place
  • Leave embarrassing personal articles, videos/magazines lying around
  • Leave the television switched on
  • Leave used tea/coffee cups lying around
  • Forget to vacuum the carpets and clean hard floors
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EPC's (Energy Performance Certificate)

Home Information Packs are to be abolished, however, it is still the law that your property will require an Energy Performance Certificate. (EPC). Once you instruct us we will contact our DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) to visit your property. He will carry out the assessment on the energy efficiency of your property and this information will be available to a purchaser and his/her solicitor. To see an example Click here.

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Sales Particulars

We prepare full colour printed particulars with photographs to show the property to its best advantage. These will, where appropriate, include internal shots and garden views and/or marine views where a property overlooks the water. Supplementing this will be all internal measurements, further benefits and facilities and a plan view (sole agency only and we reserve the right to charge extra for this service). Conveying the right information is absolutely vital, naturally, as one would expect and the way a property is described is also of particular benefit prior to arranging an appointment to view. This could determine whether or not your property is placed on the prospective purchaser’s short list of properties to view so we pride ourselves in concise, accurate descriptions of all properties instructed to us for sale.

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After we receive an instruction we scan our database to see if we have any suitable prospective purchasers. If a match can be found, we will make a telephone call and follow this up with printed particulars mailed to their home.

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Vacant properties are always viewed with a member of our staff. Keys are never handed out to prospective purchasers without specific instructions.

If you want to be at home and still require us to accompany the prospective purchaser around your home, please allow us to show them around. If there are any specific questions that we cannot answer, we will ask you at the end of the tour.


If on the other hand you wish to conduct your own viewing, point out the most distinguishing features and try not to be too enthusiastic or pushy, they might wonder why you're moving


Please, if you have instructed us to act for you, don’t enter into any haggling. If you appear too eager, you may not get the figure you are seeking. Refer the purchaser to us and we will use our experience and negotiating skills to obtain the best possible price for you.